Swedish Music Landscape

A photo book about indie Swedish pop

Artists and pop bands. Encounters throughs all Sweden. A passionate French photographer. Talent on both sides of the camera.
A book. An iPad app. Swedish Music Landscape.

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“About Sweden, I knew very little. But I noticed year after year that Swedish music would always take more room among the records I owned. Then I discovered that Sweden was the third biggest music exporter, worldwide... Intriguing enough to have me decide and find the answers on the field.

Two years of back and forth not only made me an addict to cinnamon and pear cidre. I went through a country I didn't know, my only guide being the answers offered by the musicians to this request: show me a place inspiring your music.”

Julien Bourgeois, author and photographer.


  • A signed copy of the book, shipped to your place.
    And also: your name on this page, a handful of MP3s from the artists, a pdf sampler of the book, a Swedish Music Landscape bookmark and postcard.
It’s over!


is in English, with the a French booklet.
22 × 22 cm.
144 pages offset on 150g paper with paperboard cover.

featured in the book:

Jennie Abrahamson, Tomas Andersson Wij, Ane Brun, Dag för Dag, Dear Euphoria, Nicolai Dunger, El Perro Del Mar, First Aid Kit, Niclas Frisk, Tobias Fröberg, Martin Hederos, Mattias Hellberg, Frida Hyvönen, I'm Kingfisher, Anna Järvinen, Jay-Jay Johanson, Rebekka Karijord, Nina Kinert, Christian Kjellvander, Jens Lekman, Loney Dear, Lowood, Per Nordmark, Britta Persson, Peter, Björn & John, Fredrika Stahl, Steso Songs, Robert Svensson, Taxi Taxi!, The Tiny, Thus:Owls, Titiyo, Peter Von Poehl, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Kristofer Åström.

is available on iPad, now.

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