Fight Fair

Par Dream Version

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Be a part of making Fight Fair a reality for frustrated introverts everywhere.  We've recorded an album we're immensely proud of and are pressing it on vinyl.  By pre-ordering a copy and some other goodies, you make it possible for us to pay for mastering and vinyl production, which then helps us focus on the costs of recording, mixing, and touring.  The rewards of being a part of our Microcultures campaign range from bonus tracks to hand-printed T-shirts to us recording a cover of any song you choose.
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Fight Fair
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Alec Jensen (vocals, bass), Michael Kunik (drums, vocals), Eric Brummitt (guitar, keys, vocals) photo by Ellie PrittsAlec Jensen (vocals, bass), Michael Kunik (drums, vocals), Eric Brummitt (guitar, keys, vocals)
photo by Ellie Pritts
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On Dream Version's raw but affably quirky second album, Fight Fair, the band ponders our inability to act out against injustices and evil that we recognize as wrong. We want to take action against the patriarchy, bigots in power, or racist comments we hear every day from peers, but our own shortcomings are often so overwhelming that we instead do nothing or direct our anger inward. As declared in the title track, the “first rule of fighting fair is hit yourself once.”

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Digital download of new album "Fight Fair" 1 week before it’s released
25 $US

Previous basket + Vinyl copy of the album with an additional download code for a friend + Dream Version sticker
40 $US
Exclusive tracks and T-shirt

Previous basket + Bonus downloads featuring demos of 12 songs, 8 of which are not on the album + limited edition hand-printed T-shirt designed by Emily Jane Powers and Alec Jensen (ONLY Small t-shirts left!)
75 $US
Test pressing and album art

Previous basket + Test pressing of the “Fight Fair” vinyl record & A hand-drawn element of the collages Alec made in designing the album art. Y'ou'll receive these test pressings before the official release.
150 $US
Acoustic cover

Digital Download of "Fight Fair"

Vinyl copy of "Fight Fair"

The three of us will record an acoustic cover of a song of your choice and send it to you
350 $US
Schwarzenegger marathon

All previous baskets+ Alec will bring DVDs of his favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movies to your house and watch them with you. Selections include any/all of the following: Predator, Total Recall, Conan the Barbarian, The Running Man, and True Lies. Or you guys could just talk about life and stuff. Alec will leave whenever you ask him to. Cost of interstate or international travel will be born by the purchaser.