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Historically, that's him : Jean-Charles Dufeu. A young man that is fond of music and discs, particullary the ones he produces.
Little by little, Microcultures grew. It is today a small team you can follow :
- on Facebook
- on Twitter
- on Instagram

Among us, Louise Denizard spreads the word to journalists and animates the microcultivator community, Khuong Nguyen spends his nights and days conceiving, drawing, inventing and creating, Jean-Philippe Thivet thinks in terms of marketing, contacts partners, thinks of all and relaxes with excel tables, Guillaume Sautereau makes stubborn bugs run away, ensures the good technic health of the site, while he negociates contracts with the idols of his youth, Vincent Le Doeuff responds to artists' anxiety with calm and serenity and assists them throughout the development of their project on Microcultures.
In the beginning, there was also Louis-Jean Teitelbaum, Microcultures' co-creator. A great figure, half-man half-philosopher, able to master any enraged computer and to transform any fancy thoughts (including a crowdfunding project) into three times tripartite opportunities. Without him, no first version of the site would be here today. No second version as well.

We would like to thank all the people who believe in what we stand for at Microcultures : our artists, partners, leading contributors, regular customers, enthusiastic friends, the fans, the media, the parents, and the loved ones. A big shout out to Séverine Coquelin and Martin Lefranc.
We also greatly thank our skeptics, pessimists, opponents, missed contacts, and all those who told us at one time or another that “it will never work”.
It’s thanks to all of you that we are here today.