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Our story begins with a record in 2006. A single record, which probably would never have seen the light of day without the financial support of a fan, an improvised sponsor so to speak. For a few thousand euros and a bit of energy, the songs of an independent American group took shape on a CD. The album was a success and eventually sold in France and the United States via an official distribution. On the basis of this simple story, already cultivating in the head of the fan in question…the premise of Microcultures.
Today, Microcultures is a participatory independent label, which directly involves the fans in the funding of its projects. It is also a platform for crowdfunding and support, which provides tools, experience, advice, and a network of partners for the projects it hosts. Our label and platform are connected in order to give independent artists the means to achieve their ambitions, beyond simple funding. We are a virtual ecosystem that benefits both our artists as well as their fans.
Our vision integrates a strong editorial dimension, the concern of support for our works, and a new way of thinking about production. Refocusing the value chain around a direct relationship between artists and their fans, we want to cut back on anything superfluous and encourage a personal engagement of everyone towards artistic creation. As true enthusiasts, we mix pragmatism and idealism to create a comprehensive and modern approach. With a simple goal: to help make the world a little more beautiful (through music, books, films, photos…).
We warmly thank all those who have believed and continue to believe in what we stand for at Microcultures: our artists, partners, leading contributors, regular customers, enthusiastic friends, the fans, the media, the parents, and the loved ones. We also greatly thank our skeptics, pessimists, opponents, missed contacts, and all those who told us at one time or another that “it will never work”. It’s thanks to all of you that we are here today.
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