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Hello, we are Andre and Nicolas, and we are very proud to present our first self-titled solo album "RELIGO".
After a year of work, and many meetings we almost hold our C.D in the hands! The music of this album is a success in our ears, it emerges a symbiosis of musical dialogue, like an instrumental poem at the crossroads of different musical universes.

The music was recorded in two days by our friend and co-producer Nicolas Gardel, a renowned and complete artist of the Toulouse and European scene who comes to nourish and prolong with taste our musical ideas.

We made this record to try to convey to you all the pleasure we have of making music in our lives, and we would be happy to share it with you!
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Duo ReligoDuo Religo
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This album was born from a great desire to propose music based on a "real" dialogue.

For this, one of the foundations of our work has been to upset the natural order of the soloist / accompanist and to seek the different approaches of dialogue to two.
So we chose a representative repertoire of our inspirations. Indeed we propose a trip through Brazilian influences (Joao Gilberto ...), French song (Brassens ...), or Jazz (Wayne Shorter ...).

We also felt the need to add compositions that are for us the second act of our work, and opens up perspectives of an evolving sound.
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3 tracks available
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13 tracks:

1-Falling Grace- 2-Cheio de Dedos- 3-Alone Together- 4-Tazones-

5-Good Morning 1-  6-Seven Steps To Heaven-

7-Child is born-  8-Good Morning 2- 9-Les Bancs Publics-

10-Without a Song- 11-Wild Flower- 12-Goodmorning 3- 13-Undiù-

We recorded this album at the studio of Lorry Delatie, with Nicolas Gardel at the sound recording, mixing, and expert advice and David Castel at the mastering.

The cover of the album is a drawing made by Lucas Tedesco, a young and talented Toulouse artist who works on the dream universes and curves. (Https://lucastedesco.wordpress.com/).

To finance what?

By contributing to the financing of the album you become "micro-producers". You allow us by becoming an actor of our project to finance professionals who will allow us to come play near you and share our music with you!

You will contribute to the financing:

- drawing and graphic design;
- pressing CD digipack 600 copies;
- the SDRM (copyright);
- the press officer;
- communication;
- Microculturing management fees and the manufacture of counterparties.

And if we exceed our objective we turn a second part of our short film!

Note that donations without consideration will be eligible for the 60% tax deduction (on a sufficient amount).
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