John Cunningham - Fell

By John Cunningham

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John's Cunningham new album... is here

It is not too much to say that fans have been waiting for it. After almost fifteen years since the release of Happy-Go-Unlucky, here it is.

Fell is John Cunningham's sixth studio album. You will probably understand why you had to wait for so long once you listen to it. All these years weren't wasted. You can pre-order it here.

The first fifty pre-ordered records will be signed.
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Songs from northern England - by John Cunningham

These are songs from northern England, born from the crags and the fells of a landscape where poetry grows like wildflowers. A place where the antiquated is prophetic, where the still is still in fashion. A wide-eyed country, where the fraying edges of the mountains are irritated by tides of the climate change of business. A country at the mercy of its own beauty, with ice-age genes, drawing friend and foe indiscriminately.  Born from the wide sky, scarred by a moving thunder scraping its nails across the slate. A companion to ambiguity, to the practice of forgetting by heart. An acquaintance of the weather. A land where the poetic has one last place left to hide. A place of grumbling walls and dry stone disposition, where lives a silent God in a silent rock. 

John Cunningham
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exclusive pre-orders
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Your pre-orders

You can pre-order John Cunningham's new album here and enjoy exclusive bonuses only available on this page. You will be forever associated with the great album that is Fell.

The funds will allow us to finance its release (CD and vinyl duplication, merchandising, promo, marketing...).

Thank you for your participation.

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John Cunningham is an English singer/songwriter. This much awaited new record Fell is his fifth solo studio album and first since the 2002 release Happy-go-unlucky.

His first EP release Backwards Steps (1989), was a co-production with Stan Cullimore (songwriter/ guitarist for the successful indie pop group The Housemartins) and was acclaimed by French journalists from Les Inrockuptibles. The release of Shankly Gates (1992) brought his music to a larger audience, being awarded album of the month in Les Inrockuptibles for June of that year. It also was included in their best albums of 1992 and it made No.14 in the FNAC album charts.

This was followed by Bringing in the blue (1994), Homeless House (1998) released on French label Les Disques Mange-Tout, and Happy-go- unlucky (2002) with some arrangements and performances from Stereolab’s Joe Watson and Fugu front man Mehdi Zannad, who’s original version of the album Fugu 1 John had mixed.

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"Cunningham specialises in the sort of tiny, aching wonderful moments [...] that will have you returning repeatedly to each song." NME (2003 - Rob Fitzpatrick)

"Owes as much to McCartney as contemporaries Kevin Tihista and Richard Davies. A latter-day chaser to Emitt Rhodes' eponymous debut." Uncut (2003 - Rob Hughes)

"Bridging the gap between Nick Drake and The Beatles." All Music (Stuart Mason)

"Cunningham is an artist that can win you over in the best way possible, with well-written and passionately played pop songs." Pop Matters (2010 - Matthew Fiander)

"Luminous voice [...] sweetly melancholy [...] understated pop pitched somewhere between Robert Wyatt at his most accessibly fragile and the Beatles at their most quietly winsome." Mojo (1999 - Sylvie Simmons)

"With his soft mellifluous voice, gently coruscating acoustic guitar and piano melodies, and tasteful baroque production touches, Cunningham hews closely and superbly to the balladic side of the Revolver-era Fabs." Uncut (2002 - Jim Allen)

"Artisan d’une pop voluptueuse et contemplative, John Cunningham est-il le songwriter le plus négligé d’Angleterre ?" Les Inrockuptibles (1998 - Giles Dupuy)

"Homeless House [...] est une d’intimité acoustique, l’un de ces disques de plus en plus rares, aussi lumineux que mélancolique." Magic (1999 - Christophe Basterra)

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  • Default image mark_frumento / Jun 22, 2016 2:30 AM
    I got the download. The album is gorgeous but the mastering is horrible. Why remove the dynamics of John's performance? Very disappointed.
  • Default image mark_frumento / Jun 22, 2016 2:32 AM
    Strange, that translated wrong. "The mastering is horrible and way too loud"
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