Amadeus Vúlkan - Debutalbum POST PRODUCTION

By InesKolleritsch

Total goal: €5,000
Funding over
87 microcultivators
We are bringing out our debut album "for rosemary" in april 2017 !

help us within the post-production to make it all come true.
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Amadeus Vúlkan.....

.... is a modern-Jazz/Pop-quintet, founded by singer Ines Kolleritsch (AUT) guitarist Piotr Lipowicz (POL) and saxophonist Daniel Varga (HU) in autumn 2014. Shortly after, bass player, Ivar Roban Krizic (CRO), and drummer David Dresler (AUT) joined the project and in January 2016 they firstly recorded  a Demo-CD in Graz. After a half-year break and lots of followed dedicated work, they recorded their first album in October 2016, in KUG Studios, Graz, Austria.

Now they are preparing the final touches of the album. Still there are costs coming up:

  • Pressing
  • Booklet / Cover - Artwork
  • Costs for a live-recording with a string quartet in summer 2017 

So what they'd really need is your help

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What is the project goal and why would you support it?

The goal of this project is to take off the financial weight of Ines' shoulders and help the band to finish what they started a few months ago with all their love and creativity.
We think, that you are gonna like this. 
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The String Quartet


We were able to work together with four, talented string players from the classical department of KUG, Graz. Ines and Simon Kintopp, a german trombone player, composer and rising arranging-star in the jazz scene of Graz, worked together and wrote three string arrangements for her tunes. 

T H E  S T R I N G S 

Isabella Sedlaczek - Violine

Flavia Martins - Violine

Ezgi Unal - Viola

Zsofi Klaczmann - Cello 

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Funding over
Album (Download)
Album (CD)
Album (CD) signed by the band members
2 tickets for one of our concerts of your choice in 2017
Album (Download)
A poster signed by us
1 ticket for one of our concerts of your choice in 2017
A private vocal / guitar / saxophone / bass / drums / rap / poetry / flute / composition / piano class with one of the band members! (excluding travel fees)
Album (Download)
2 Albums (CD) signed by us
A poster signed by us
2 VIP tickets for one of our shows in 2017 (including 2 free drinks and a hang with the band after the show)
A private concert in your living room / garden / treehouse

(excluding travel fees)
Album (Download)
2 Albums (CD) signed by us
A poster signed by us
A life-long access to all our concerts!
A private show in your place (excluding travel fees)
5 private vocal / piano / composition classes with Ines