Äkkisyvä artist residency


Total goal: €6,000
43 microcultivators
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Äkkisyvä ?

The word Äkkisyvä means literally “sudden deep water”, that you can find in the thousands of  lakes in Finland. 

Äkkisyvä is an artistic collaboration between Clément Beraud and Minna Nurmi. In addition, Äkkisyvä is an artistic residency, that will be organised in August-September 2017.

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Participate in the creation of an artist residency !
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What ?

Äkkisyvä residency brings together two cultures and their different conceptions of nature. The purpose of this residency is to create collective platform for artistic work for French and Finnish artists, where we want to redefine the concept and the experience of nature. We want to break the borders and encourage encounters between points of view, artforms, cultures and nature / human. Art reflects the society around us. Today, its reality is, in a significant way, marked by climate change and the rise of nationalism. This micro-residence takes part to these dialogues, encouraging to participate, promoting the understanding between different cultures and ecological actions.

The theme of the residency is anthropocene, an epoch dating from the beginning of significant human impact on the Earth's geology and ecosystems. This residency is examining the theme through artistic creation.

The primitive cabins where the artists will stay and work during the residency, were constructed in the 60´s. The builder of the cabins, Samuli Väärä (Minna’s grandfather) was also dreaming of a small island near by the cabins. He made this dream come true by transporting soil and creating the island in the water. He also planted trees on the island. As a symbol of human hand/foot print, he made a knot on a little seedling of a pine tree. Now this tree has grown old and tall. Our logo depicts this story as we think human and nature should be thought as one.

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A project in three steps

Environmental questions are more important today than ever before. That´s why, it’s essential for us to share the work of artists with children and youngsters to explore this topic through art. We will organize visits to the exhibition with the Jules Verne french school of Helsinki . Children will have an opportunity to meet some of the artists and work with theme (photography, writings, sculpture) on a given theme in workshops. We would like to offer this possibility to other schools as well.

Our project will advance in three steps :

  • A residency on 28th of August to 6th September 2017.

  • An exhibition in Helsinki from 14th to 21th of September 2017.

  • Workshops between artists and children during the exhibition time.

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Why supporting this project & who are we ?

This residency will be organised by two persons: Clément and Minna. We are currently living in Helsinki. We’re 30 years old. Clément comes from photographic field and has worked 6 years as a stage manager in different photographic galleries in Paris. He sometimes writes critics for formatcourt.com, a webzine dedicated to short films. He is also a photographer and video maker. Minna comes from the world of cinema and art research. Currently she is an art student in Helsinki, she produces a film festival in Savonlinna and works for a European film education project. 

We want to develop artistic projects in Finland and create connections between European countries, and artists. We truly believe that art is the key for/to understanding between cultures. This residency will be the first step for us and will also encourage us in the future to organize other events. Knowing Clément’s experience in setting up exhibitions and Minna’s in producing, we believe that we form a task force capable of making this residency happened in a best possible way.

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Become the mecene of our project!
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Where & When ?

The first part of the residency will take place in the village of Suomenniemi in East-Finland from the 28th of august until the 6th of September 2017. Artists will stay and work in traditional summer cabins by the lake Haukkajärvi. The artists are encouraged to find their own connection with the place and communicate with locals and other artists. The second part of the residence will take place in Helsinki, where the artists concentrate on post-production and building up the exhibition, which will be held in September (opening on 14th of September) in Helsinki. This residency, organized in August-September 2017, is the first edition of Äkkisyvä.

  • 28.8. -.6.9.2017 Residenssi Suomenniemellä

  • 28.8. -.6.9.2017 Residency in Suomenniemi

  • 28.8. -.6.9.2017 Résidence à Suomenniemi

  • 7.-13.9.2017 – Teosten jälkituotato Helsingissä

  • 7.-13.9.2017 Post-production in Helsinki

  • 7.-13.9.2017 Post-production à Helsinki

  • 14.9.2017 Äkkisyvä-näyttelyn avajaiset Helsingissä

  • 14.9.2017 Opening of the Äkkisyvä-exhibition in Helsinki

  • 14.9.2017 Vernissage de l’exposition Äkkisyvä

  • 14.-22.9.2017 Näyttely avoinna

  • 14.-22.9.2017 Exhibition open

  • 14.-22.9.2017 Ouverture de l’exposition
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Help us to finance an art exhibition in Helsinki in September 2017
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How ?

We can’t finance totally this residency on our own and that’s why we need you. This is where the money will go and why :

● Travel expenses to bring artists from France and from different locations in Finland: (Flights, bus, train): 1750 €

● Small campervan rental from Suomenniemi to Helsinki. (to bring art pieces and technical gears): 1000 €

● Accommodation in Helsinki for 7 days for 5 persons: 1000 €

● Renting audio-visual equipment and tools (video projector, audio system, and other non-electronic material such as screws, nails...) : 300€

● Film processing (for photographers): 150 €

● Printing: 600 €

● Framing: 250 €

● Communication (posters, social media's...): 100 €

● Others supplies (such as technical material for artists in the residency, and any other problems we might have to solve): 850 €

Of course, we think that artists shouldn't pay for creating and we also think that people working on this project should be paid, that's why we would like to provide also a salary if possible. If we manage to collect extra money, we will try to grant a salary and provide more necessary stuff for artist (for example food that for now artists will have to buy on their own).

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What we already have.

As founders of this project we've also put loads of efforts and money into it, that's what we’ve already secured:

● Two summer cabin (mökki), to host the artists.

● An exhibition space in Helsinki (around 45m2) in Sörnäinen’s surroundings (Kallio)

● Photographic studio from Cahute.fi for post-production if needed.

● Basic supplies in the mökki such as wood, drinking water and gaz.

● Every artist will bring their own tools and gears for their projects but not consumables (included in the budget).

● We will provide also electricity through a solar panel that can help charge phones and computers if needed. (Even if there’s no internet access in the forest)

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Modèle écharpe rouge Model of red scarfModèle écharpe rouge
Model of red scarf
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Model of scarfs

Here are models of scarf that you can have for 90€ gift! Don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

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Thank you!
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Participate Choose your reward
Our warmful thanks and your name on our website & your name on the thank you wall in the exhibition space + your name on the art piece video credits.
The poster (20x30cm) of the exhibition signed by all the artists of the residency + A card (10x15cm) of our beautiful design logo made by graphic designer Rémi Levezier. Our warmful thanks and your name on our website + your name on the thank you wall in the exhibition space.
We will plant a tree in the forest of suomenniemi next to the cabin. You’ll be godmother/father of a tree and print your mark forever in eastern finland (limited to 40) + Our warmful thanks and your name on our website + your name on the thank you wall in the exhibition space.
A handmade scarf for cold winter in the forest. Color of your choice (regarding what we have) sued by the mother of one artist. Around 1m50, Wool is 100% ecobio friendly. It will come from a private shepherd in Finland or Norway (depending the sheeps). (Process can be long and expensive in some points). Also we’ll put a sticker of akkisyva and your personal name on it. Limited to 10. + Our warmful thanks and your name on our website + your name on the thank you wall in the exhibition space.
A special photo portrait made by Lorenzö (one of the artists of the residency). He is the co-founder of Cahute, an Helsinki-based photographic studio specialised in large format portrait photographs on direct positive paper processed in caffenol. Your portrait will be taken during a dedicated, 2 hours photo session when you will meet the artist, visit the studio and the darkroom and learn more about eco-photography. Each image is a totally unique work of art that will be numbered and signed by the artist. There will be only 35 people portrayed. Portraits will be done in Finland. (limited to 35) + Our warmful thanks and your name on our website + your name on the thank you wall in the exhibition space.
You’ll be our official mécène of the residency and we’ll be grateful for eternity. A print from a photographer of the residency of your choice, made during the residency : 60x80cm (have to see prices). Signed by the artist (limited to 10) + Our warmful thanks and your name on our website + your name on the thank you wall in the exhibition space