Abhind - From Kolkata

By Abhind

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Bonjour !Bonjour !
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Present time is always the one for first times. First time i do a crowd funding to finance a project and first time i bring my jazz trio Abhind into recording.

The project is the one which is the closest to my heart as I have it in mind since the very first day I arrived in India. I am working on its conception and creation since the origin. It was born at the same time than my journey and when i came back to life.

That is exactly the reason why this music describes my journey towards a better version of myself. This journey has no end and so do the changes. Hence it is the same for my music which finds its roots in present time.

It isn't about finding bridges between two different music traditions, it is much more personal than that. Abhind is who i am today and it is from Kolkata in India that i present myself, and from Kolkata that i compose and bring to life who I am. Thanks to this trio I can express my compositions in a Jazz format full of liberty which describes and take the shape of my personal journey. It is from Kolkata that I had to look back at my life to know where I am heading to.

I am happy to present myself to you like this today and I hope you'll like my present self ! 

I go back to work and create, create, create ! Present time doesn't wait.

See you soon and have a good day !

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Abhind - From KolkataAbhind - From Kolkata
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- The three days of recording in a studio in Kolkata in India to record the album at the beginning of the month of August this year. 
- The creation of a video made during the recording for the title track of the album, "From Kolkata".

- The mixing and mastering of the nine tracks.

- The production of the personalised albums  which you'll receive before the official release date and the other offers...

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Funding over
CD "From Kolkata" in digital version with the alternative takes.
CD "From Kolkata" in physical version + the previous offer.
Vinyl version of "From Kolkata" with a signed poster of the album in A3 format + the previous offer.
A unique and personalized photo album of the recording with a T-shirt + the previous offer.
One concert in France or in India where you want in 2018 + the previous offer.