The Apartments

No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal. 

A new album by the Apartments.

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No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal

A new album, by The Apartments. Those are words many Apartments fans have restlessly waited to hear, for a long time now. For many years. Soon, in the early months of 2015, this will be for real. These words will turn into music... and into words again.

Goal: €10,000
Funding over
454 microcultivators
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© Jérôme Sevrette / Live à La Carène, Brest - le 26 septembre 2015© Jérôme Sevrette / Live à La Carène, Brest - le 26 septembre 2015
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Crowdfunding campaign is now over but the album is available here (vinyl, CD, WAV).
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Coming soonComing soon
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" The snow was falling on Broadway

Didn't I promise you that one day

I'd take you away to New York?

Whatever happened to the promise?

Whatever happened to the time?

It ran out. "

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Mess+Noise (2012)

It would be over a decade later before the Apartments would re-emerge: firstly with a discreet run of shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, followed by a gig in Paris a couple of years later. With no advertising or press support, the night was a sellout, as was another rooftop set in Paris last year, at the invitation of a French magazine. “A journalist who came along, some girl who said she’d never heard of me until she found ‘World of Liars’ on YouTube … said, ‘How do you explain this?’ … I had to tell her I don’t do explanations and I never question this, because it might imperil it. I am happy to do what I do in the glow of this benevolent mystery.

“I remember the record company warning me when I refused to tour to promote Apart: ‘No one knows where you’ve gone or why … People will forget you. You have to top up the goodwill; release something new, to remind them.’ I just remember thinking, you know, I couldn’t care less. If they need to be reminded, they never got me in the first place.

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