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Nouvel album "Here they come"

Goal: €5,300
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85 microcultivators
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Songs from the upcoming album "Here They Come"

Songs from the upcoming album "Here They Come"

2 tracks available
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What would stop a musician from playing, a creator from creating? Certainly not hunger, the daily grind, oblivion, the overwhelming reality, or isolation. In the manner of those painters neglected by their contemporaries, those poets left to their paranoid delusions, some continue their way in darkness. As an isolated lover, E-grand overwhelms his phosphorescent creations with guitars and melodies from which light emerges.  In this particularly influential city, this city where he was born, so close and so far at the same time, where bridges from darkness to light apparently remain, once explored by his aptly-named brothers who by their discovery lit up the dark rooms from all over the world.  E-grand, a child left in the background, surrounded by his brother and brilliant musical partners, follows in his turn his pathways full of imagery. These voices take us away, from the sweet nights of escape to the hard-reality mornings (Call of life), from painful memory to life-saving oblivion (Memories). To this secret path, firmly closed by the guardians of collective consciousness, from confinement to liberation (The keys to your life), a narrow shortcut, from life to death (She lives on), from reality to infinite dreams (Pictures). 

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