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DEAR POLA - premier album

DEAR POLA is Mary D., a 28-year-old multi-instrumentalist songwriter from the Drôme region. Her musical background started from the age of 10 with her grandmother, a fan of Joan Baez and Nina Simone, who offered her first guitar to her. She has many references in mind, from Philip Glass to Erik Satie through José Gonzales or Keaton Henson. Following a web release in 2014 of her first self-produced EP “Kaamos”, she was immediately signed by the Toulouse label We Are Unique! Records (Angil,Half Asleep, Michael Wookey, Raymonde Howard, Lunt, Imagho, Midget!, Ichliebelove, Old Mountain Station...) after sending a simple email where she introduced herself as a woman "in the lot of folk singers" and saying, "yet another folk singer trying make you cry... but not only that." Her music kept having quite a nice media exposure, as she was selected in the Inrocks Lab 2015 competition, and Partons en Live competition on France Inter Radio. Since the beginning of 2015 she has been writing new songs, and in September, she recorded her first LP at Nocturnes Studio, with the helping hand of Jean Louis Prades (aka Imagho), one of the pillars of We Are Unique! Record. The project you’re reading about aims to help finance the recording of this album and raise funds to release her record as a CD and an LP.

So if after listening to her songs and her fascinating voice, at the crossroads of Alela Diane, Cat Power, and early 4AD artists, you’re not crying, well, too bad… We did, anyway, and she made our lives different.

Goal: €4,000
Funding over
57 microcultivators
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