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Microcultures, what is it exactly ?

Une fourche et une pelle

Handcrafted production
for indie artists

We locate artists we believe in and we defend their projects with passion.

We work directly with artists in a qualitative more than quantitative spirit. Our mission is to give birth to smart ideas, good works, nice objects, especially if those wouldn't hatch without us.

Un arrosoir

Open funding
for advised fans

You take part in the project's funding : the more you give, the better it gets.

Public participations are completely used to make the project happen. The more money we get at the end of the fundraising, the more freely will artists express their vision and achieve their goals : your participation makes the project.

Un microcultivateur heureux

Rewards from the artists
to the microcultivators

You give, you get rewards based on your participation.

Artists are directly involved in the packs' conception, offering their works, as well as exclusive items, events, meets. By participating, you join a same community of fans and artists.